Books for a newborn (1 month old to 6 months old)

The best thing you can do to encourage a newborn’s verbal development is to talk to them in adult language. This sounds logical, but in reality, can be–well, awkward. (Newborns aren’t known for their conversation skills.) Books are a great way to bridge this gap.

Since baby’s this age don’t really understand the story, make sure the books are as fun for you as they are for them. Your newborn will learn more watching you interact with the book and enjoy it than they will from the vocabulary. Children at this age will pick up on the rhythm of language and eventually start to mimic your patterns.

Books that are fun for grownups as well as kids:


Very young newborns are still developing their sight. They respond best to high contrast images and faces.

High contrast board books for newborns:


Board books with faces for newborns:

Book recommendations for Newborns (6 months old–1 year old)

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