Learn to Read Step 2: Alphabet

Once your child is able to identify 3 or more letters on their own–without pressure from you!–your child is read to learn the alphabet. (It is important that a child learns to read at his or her own pace; their brains know what they are doing.)

A strong knowledge of the alphabet is so foundation to the learning process, that mastery of the alphabet is the strongest predictor for reading success even as late as fourth grade. So don’t try to rush this step!

Mr. T. Bahahahaha  Letter People on YouTube

Below are the steps for the Alphabetic Principle:

  • Teach letters, and the sound they make, one at a time
  • Use songs and rhymes, like the alphabet song
  • Read alphabet-themed books to your child

To teach your child letters and sounds one at a time, try these games and teaching tools:

Alphabet-themed books that are fun to read:

Alphabet-themed books that demonstrate letter sounds:

Songs and rhymes, plus tools to learn letter names and sounds:

FREE Videos and Games that will help your child learn their ABCs:

In parallel with teaching your child about the alphabet, continue to read enjoyable storybooks that your child finds interesting, like the ones listed by age range here. In addition, go ahead and start reading your child early phonics books, so they will start to get familiar with the words inside. Try -at words and –an word books; these are the easiest to learn.

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