Learn to Read Step 1: Baby Learning

STEP 1: Teach your child to love books

Before a child knows how to read, the early steps are up to you. Teach your child to love books by showing them you love books. Read to them, engage with them on the pictures when they point, give them books that are their own (even if they tear them up or draw in them), and when they ask you to read the same books over and over, indulge them, even if it makes you crazy. Their little brains learn from repetition.

This step is not about academics, but about fun.


Be sure to carve out some time to read books for yourself that you like. That may not seem important, but it is critical. Children learn from modeling; show them books are important to you, and they will grow up thinking that books should be important to them.  (Amazon Bestselling Books for grownups)


Below are research-based tips on how to promote early reading in your child:

  • Read with enthusiasm
  • Encourage your child when they show interest in reading
  • Read stories that include rhythms and rhymes
  • Buy books your child geared to your child’s interest
  • Read favorite books over and over
  • Only read as long as they are interested


Below are some research based book recommendations for each age:


Starter Books for Baby

Baby’s First Words Book

Are you tired of teaching your baby with farm words? Baby’s First Words is full of words that relate specifically to baby’s experience. Milk! Toy! Change Diaper! The perfect starter book for any age.


Baby’s Day: Baby’s First Storybook

Baby’s Day is a story of what happens in baby’s daily life, from waking up in the morning, to eating and playing, to napping, reading, dinner and bedtime. It is a story baby can relate to!


Once your child starts identifying more than 3 letters on their own (without pressure from you!) move on to Step 2: learning the alphabet. >>




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